This page has some of my favorite astronomical photos. They are taken from my backyard observatory with a 12” Hyperion Telescope. Another page on the site has images taken with a 6” portable Hyperstar fast telescope. Both instruments were created by Starizona here in Tucson. They give great support and encouragement. The skies here in Arizona are truly amazing. We average about 310 clear nights a year.

M81 - Bode’s Galaxy 

NGC1977 - the Running Man Nebula

Messier 20, the Triffid Nebula

Messier 16 - the Pillars of Creation

Messier 8 - the Lagoon Nebula

NGC2237 - the Rosette Nebula

Messier 42 - the Orion Nebula

IC5070 - the Pelican Nebula

VDB142 - the Elephant Trunk Nebula

Messier 16 - the Pillars of Creation - Hubble Palette

Messier 51 - the Whirlpool Galaxy

NGC7293 - the Helix Nebula

Messier 33 - the Triangulum Galaxy

NGC 281 - the PacMan Nebula

NGC2264 - the Cone Nebula