I’ve learned you can’t see everything from the ground, so a few years ago I learned to fly a drone to get some unique perspectives on the Southwest. The images are often compelling, and you just can’t get these photos any other way. Many of the photos here were taken with a DJI Air 2S drone, which I’ve recently replaced with a DJI Mavic 3 Classic drone which has more flight time and an enhanced camera

Twisty Roads near Picture Rocks, AZ

Saguaro Lake, Arizona

Canyon de Chelly near Chinle, AZ

Sunset above Picture Rocks, AZ

Small Mountain in the Catalina chain

Above Windy Point on Mt. Lemmon, Az

Above Canyon Lake, AZ

Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lone Pine, CA

Sunrise in the Alabama Hills, CA

Above Red Rock Canyon, NV

West Face of the Catalina Mountains

Above Canyon de Chelly, AZ

Missouri River near Hermann, MO

Mt. Lemmon Sunset

Sombrero Peak near Tucson

Road to Mount Lemmon

Mt Lemmon HooDoos

Picture Rocks, AZ Sunset

Salt River, AZ

Above Saguaro Lake, AZ

Above the Salt River, near Pebble Beach, AZ

Alabama Hills, Ca

The Boulders, AZ

Apache Trail, AZ

Rams Pass, AZ

Salt River, AZ

Above Canyon de Chelly, AZ

Salt River looking South

Salt River looking North

Tanque Verde Falls

Alabama Hills, Ca

Alabama Hills Dawn

Mt. Whitney 9 image panorama