As a beginning, here’s some of my favorite photos. Some are astronomical, the others are landscapes, taken either from the ground or from a drone. The drone provides me some views that would be hard to get any other way

Catalina Mountains just North of E. Magee Road

Windy Point on Mt. Lemmon by drone

Drone view of Movie Flat Road near Lone Pine, CA

Elephant Trunk Nebula

Canyon Lake, AZ from my drone

Mobius Arch in Alabama Hills

Messier 42 Nebula in Orion

Spider Rock at Canyon de Chelly

Alabama Hills Sunrise

Above Salt River, AZ

IC 1871 and IC 1805 in Cassiopeia

Salton Sea near Palm Springs CA

M31, the Andromeda Galaxy

Fisherman near Granite Reef, AZ

Above Canyon de Chelly, AZ

Tree near Winkleman, AZ

Mt. Lemmon in the Winter

Tortilla Flat. AZ.