Haven’t done much imaging due to week after week of bad weather. Dust, rain, cloudiness, winds. We’ve had them all. But late June is looking a bit better, before the Moonsoon season gets active, so here is 8 hours of Sharpless 2-115. This nebula is part of the star cluster Berekely 90. This cloud contains about 4400 solar masses of gas and dust. This nebula also emits a good deal of radio emissions picked up by astronomers with radio telescopes. This image is a standard LRGB image with 2 hours of h-alpha blended into the red and blue channels. It was taken over several nights, beginning on June 16, 2014. You can click on the image for a larger view. This was taken with my Hyperion astrograph and the sessions were under the control of CCDAutopilot. 

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