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In December 2017 I added a Mavic Pro Platinum  (lower image) to my photo arsenal. It gets me to places I couldn’t with a regular camera. It can take 4K video, stills, panoramas and HDR photos. It can stay in the air about 25 minutes before I have to swap batteries. It’s been really fun to learn to fly this thing and see vistas that were unavailable to me before I had the drone.  In January, 2021 I added a Skydio 2 autonomous drone (at the top of the page). It can avoid crashing into things, and has a very nice camera sensor for landscapes and videos. I’ve also recently replaced my Mavic Pro with a DJI Air 2S which has a superior camera and flight characteristics. I’ll post some more videos soon along with some additional photos

Drone Video from Texas Canyon, AZ

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