This image is a work in progress of a very interesting part of the constellation of Orion. The area is filled with glowing red hydrogen gas and there is a blue glow from a reflection nebula. From APOD: The nebula is marked with a dark inverted T-shape at the lower left in a broad cosmic vista that spans over 10 light-years. The dark shape is a dense gas and dust cloud, or Bok globule, seen in silhouette against the bright nebula, and likely a site of future star formation. At the edge of the Orion molecular cloud complex some 1,500 light-years distant, NGC 1999's illumination is provided by the embedded variable star V380 Orionis. This image is a 11.5 hour exposure and probably needs even more to bring out more of the detail. Click on the image for a larger view. Taken with my 12.5" Hyperion Astrograph, and session automated with CCDAutopilot. Imaged on November 2, 21,22,23, 25 and 27, 2011

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