M77 and NGC1055


 Large spiral galaxy NGC 1055 (bottom right) joins spiral M77 (upper left) in this lovely cosmic view toward the constellation Cetus. The narrowed, dusty appearance of edge-on spiral NGC 1055 contrasts nicely with the face-on view of M77's bright nucleus and spiral arms. Both over 100,000 light-years across, the pair are dominant members of a small galaxy group about 60 million light-years away. At that estimated distance, M77 is one of the most remote objects in Charles Messier's catalog and is separated from fellow island universe NGC 1055 by at least 500,000 light-years. The includes colorful foreground Milky Way stars along with more distant background galaxies. Click on the image to enlarge it. This is 6 hours of total exposure on November 1, 2 and 17, 2011, through a Hyperion Astrograph and an SBIG STL11000m camera. 

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