Pelican Nebula

pelican 9-9-18a

This is 12 hours of a section of the Pelican Nebula in narrowband imaged in late August and early September of 2018.  This section of the Pelican, called IC5067 is part of a larger emission region with a distinctive shape, which in total is called The Pelican Nebula. The ridge spans about 10 light-years and follows the curve of the cosmic pelican's head and neck. Fantastic, dark shapes inhabiting the view are clouds of cool gas and dust sculpted by energetic radiation from young, hot, massive stars. But stars are also forming within the dark shapes. Twin jets emerging from the tip of the long, dark tendril near the center and another near the bottom left are the telltale signs of an embedded protostar cataloged as Herbig-Haro 555 (HH 555). You can click on the image for a larger view. 

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