Fires in June, 2020


The Bighorn Fire started on June 5, 2020, after a lightning strike on Pusch Ridge in the Santa Catalina Mountains inside Coronado National Forest east of Oro Valley. The fire raged through the entire mountain range, burning the front range down into Pima Canyon, Finger Rock Canyon, Esperero Canyon and upper Sabino Canyon. It continued into the drainage below Mt. Lemmon – Cargodera and Romero Canyons. It burned into the grasslands in the foothills north and east of the range. There was little left untouched. Thanks to the efforts of nearly 1,000 personnel, thousands of gallons of fire retardant and a little rainfall, the fire was declared 100-percent contained on July 23, 2020. It burned 119,978 acres. This photo was taken June 18th from my backyard. The fires did not destroy any houses.

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