Hyperstar Images - New

Hyperstar is a whole new photography exploration for me. It’s a special optical system, invented here in Tucson by the Starizona folks. It takes an existing telescope and replaces the front corrector with a very fast optical system. My main telescope operates at ƒ8, but the Hyperstar can shoot at ƒ2. That’s a lot faster, and it means less time under the stars for an equivalent image. That’s easily 10-15 times as fast as my current setup. I’m using a Hyperstar C6 adapter along with a Celestron C6 as the Optical tube. The Camera is a ZWO one shot color camera, to cut down on the time processing filtered red green and blue images. There are some tradeoffs in sensitivity, but the system is so fast I’m still imaging at several times my normal rate.

I’ve just begun to experiment, and my hope is to have a small and portable system I can throw in the car and take out under dark skies for some stunning images. 

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