M31-Andromeda Galaxy


This is the well known Andromeda Galaxy, somewhat similar to the structure of our own home galaxy, the Milky Way. M31 is 2 million light years away, and is visible to the naked eye under very dark skies away from city lights. This image, taken October 26, 2006 has exposure times of 60 minutes through a luminance filter and 1 hour through RGB filters. You can see a companion galaxy, that orbits M31 just below near the center of the image. It is known as M32. M110 can be seen just at the top edge of M31 to the right. Note: I have reprocessed this image in August of 2011 to see if it can be improved. In fact, I have removed some of the star bloat, and rebalanced the color, making, I think, a nicer image. 

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